Line Assist Pro is a game-changing

Line Assist Pro is a game-changing device for farmers and growers who want to improve precision, efficiency, safety and staff welfare. It is designed to automatically control steering when driving along a single row or between two rows, reducing the need for the operator to constantly monitor and steer the tractor manually.

Designed specifically for use in orchards and vineyards, the Line Assist Pro system is perfect for high-precision maintenance tasks such as pruning, weed control, and leaf stripping. Line Assist Pro is also suitable for other tasks such as mowing, spraying and harvesting. By taking over the task of steering the tractor and maintaining its position in the row, drivers can operate for longer hours with greater safety and comfort.

More output with less effort

Safety and fatigue reduction 

With Line Assist Pro, tractor drivers no longer have to constantly steer to maintain their position in the row, allowing them to operate for longer hours with greater safety and comfort. This reduces fatigue and distractibility, and as a result, drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents. A comfortable and safer work environment will also help attract and retain skilled operators.


By eliminating the need for drivers to constantly steer the tractor, Line Assist Pro allows them to focus their attention on managing other machines and tasks. This increases efficiency in orchards and vineyards, enabling more jobs to be done with each pass of the tractor.

Performance improvement 

Line Assist Pro uses LIDAR technology to see canopy and row parameters better than humans, especially in low-light conditions. This enables work to be done with greater accuracy and increases the window of opportunity for each task.


Line Assist Pro steers precisely according to the tree or vine canopy, scanning and reacting in real-time to the conditions rather than following a prescribed A-B line with GPS. This eliminates the need for GPS or RTK, making the system more accessible and easier to use.

Line Assist Pro Functions

  • Precise parallel steering of tractor or self-propelled platform along one or two rows of plantings
  • End-of-row detection and automatic release upon detecting the end of the rows
  • Obstacle detection and automatic release upon detecting an obstacle
  • Automatic control of the direction of travel of the tractor / platform
  • Increased safety with automatic recovery of the correct track
  • Offset adjustment mode allows operator to choose whether the tractor sticks to the middle of the row or the right or left side
  • Asymmetrical driving mode makes the system fully usable for tasks like tree pruning and leaf stripping
  • No GPS, GSM connection or pre-work field mapping required

Simple but effective

The Line Assist Pro is easy to install and use, and can be operated at low speeds and up to 20 km/h. With the ability to stay centred and accurate to approximately 2 cm between the rows, you can be confident that your crops will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

Whether you’re working in a vineyard or orchard, the Line Assist Pro is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for any modern farmer or grower. So why wait? Contact our team for a demo of the Line Assist Pro and experience the future of precision farming.

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