Make Your Tractor More Efficient & More Productive

Find out how you can achieve more with automation, all while navigating the effects of labour scarcity.

Who We Are

Grow Smarter with Agri Automation

With the latest and greatest in agri-tech at our disposal and significant labour challenges facing the horticulture industry, we’ve made it our mission to help farmers and fruit growers modernise and future proof their operations.

Our team have decades of experience in farming, specializing in farm equipment, and developing innovative technology. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service & support and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of our products.

Transforming the Future of Farming

Agri Automation offers a range of innovative agricultural solutions designed to help farmers improve productivity and efficiency. Our product range includes the Line Assist Pro, Auto Drive, and e-Spray.

Line Assist Pro is a cutting-edge autonomous technology that automates tractor steering to help operators improve accuracy and free up their time for other tasks.

Auto Drive is a self-driving system that allows farmers to automate their planting and harvesting processes.

The e-Spray Pro is an advanced spraying computer that can automatically apply pesticides and fertilizers to crops with.

All of Agri Automation’s products are designed to be retrofitted to existing tractors, easy to use and affordable.

Make Your Tractor, More Efficient & More Productive

Our product line includes a range of agri-tech solutions designed to streamline farming operations and reduce labour costs.

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