GOtrack Is Versatile.

Getting the best result with GOtrack is simple, with several programming options to select from including:

Record and play

Record and save of a reference route or job then subsequent ‘replays runs’ will be performed automatically with reference to the data recorded when creating the program.

A and B points setting

Setting of points A and B on the map, determination of the section along which the tractor will drive and setting the distance from the section A-B along which the tractor will perform parallel runs.

Circle around the field

Circle around the field (applies to flat areas not planted with trees) to define the outer perimeter of the plot; the system will perform a simulation and design a spiral route in order to cover the entire area located within the circumference.

Uploading digital maps

Uploading digital maps of plantations with marked reference points, plantings and fences.

GOtrack adapts to your needs, you can switch into Line Assist mode for more complicated jobs that require a human touch. 

GOtrack is Bolt-on Smarts.

Our autonomous system is designed to be tractor brand agnostic, integrating seamlessly with many brands and models, making it an excellent option for customers who want to automate their tractors and machinery without requiring a large investment in new equipment.

GOtrack is safe and accurate, with multiple layers of safety devices and systems, such as LIDAR sensors, RGB cameras, IR cameras, and AI processing. The system monitors crucial tractor alarms and alerts, stops the tractor when any deviance from the recorded path is detected, and prevents accidents.

GOtrack is Proven.

With more than four years of experience operating in a real-world environment, and continually developing new features and updates. Our subscription-based service is affordable and less expensive than hiring a tractor driver.

Experience the future of farming with GOtrack Autodrive

For more information about the GOtrack system, Please contact us

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