Boson – Treading Lightly

Whether you’re feeding out to stock, carting a load of produce, spraying weeds, checking the irrigation in your orchard or mowing your vineyard, the Boson LX40 is the perfect machine
for the job.

The LX40 is 100% electric with battery capacity for up to 100km of travel on a charge, making Boson the lowest cost vehicle to drive on your farm after your bicycle (and with the same amount of emissions!)

The all-wheel drive system transmits power independently to all corners, giving the LX40 the ability to navigate with confidence in difficult terrain.

Boson – Smarter than a good dog

Not just highly capable and clean, the Boson can also be equipped with optional autonomous functionality, allowing it to operate in a range of driver optional modes such as ‘Person Follow’ or ‘Route Follow’ or driven remotely by a handheld remote.

In autonomous modes, the Boson uses an array of safety systems including LiDAR and vision cameras to monitor its surroundings and react accordingly.

Boson – Off Road, Off Grid

Not satisfied with designing one of the world’s first fully electric off-road utility vehicles, Boson also offers a full off-grid energy storage and charging solution, allowing you to set up a remote charging station anywhere on your property then, using PV panels to harvest energy and store in the Boson system, charging the Boson vehicle (or any other EV) becomes 100% free and independent of the grid.

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